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    Renas is a women cooperative Association which Mission To contribute in the development of Women and youth through designing and implementing creative women and youth initiative programs and projects. Supporting and providing them with opportunity to determine their needs and have their voices heard.

    It had been established in October 20008 and ... Read More
  • Objectives :photo11

    1)      develop a spirit of cooperation among its members and to deal with them from groups and individuals and rely on collaborative work in their lives to improve their economic, social and cultural rights through the concerted efforts of the members and their financial resources agglomerating
    2)      women members develop skills through training courses in various fields and professions and to facilitate their access to services, resources and information ... Read More

  • Our partners:photo11

    Renas has established numerous partnerships in the field. It has strengthened its presence on the
    ground and is now working with many centers, many of which are run in cooperation with: 

    • All Jordan Youth Commission (AJYC)
    • municipalities and village councils ... Read More


  • Programs :photo11

    We have three main programs from our establishment till now

    1. Community participation program
    2. Environmental project deal with solid waste recycling, awareness project. working .... Read More



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